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Lifetime Warranty
Welcome to EFM Auto Clutch!
EFM is the original auto clutch manufacturer. Whether you have an American or Metric, Street or Dirt, Cruiser or Crotch Rocket, Stock or Custom, EFM has the clutch for you. Read more about our Phantom and Auto clutches below and then give us a call so we can get you set up with the benefits offered by our American Made Clutches! Don't think we have an Auto Clutch for your bike? If we don't we'll make it!

Auto Clutch Harley Yamaha Suzuki Ducati KTM and more!

Completely Automatic Clutch!
  • No need to use your clutch lever
  • More holding power than stock
  • Bolt on applications for '90+ Big Twins
  • Ideal for disabled riders & jockey shifts
  • Harley & Metric Applications
  Our Auto Clutch offer significant improvement over both stock and other aftermarket clutches. While Lock Up clutches only work when the bike is moving, our clutches are based on engine RPM so they react to throttle input, not bike movement. This allows for instant lockup for burn-outs on any bike and unsurpassed holding power. Bottom line: Faster application and MORE POWER!

In addition to our clutch replacement options we offer complete clutch plate kits for your stock clutch applications as well as upgraded kevlar plates. We also deal directly with all belt drive manufacturers and are a Drag Specialties dealer so we can offer just about any part that you may need. We setup and sell ALL belt drives with our Auto Clutch!


As Seen On Tv EFM makes the Auto Clutches that you see on TV.
They may be sold by a different company but they are made by us, here in the USA!

Disabled American Veteran Discounts EFM offers Disabled Veteran & Military discounts.
Our Auto-Clutch is a great solution for anyone having difficulty with the factory clutch pull or alternative setups.

Lifetime Warranty
The EFM Auto Clutch is proudly made in American and we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the parts that we manufacture. We do not guarantee the clutch plates, only the parts we make. Please call for further details.

American Made, Lifetime Warranty!

Customer Testimonials

You simply can't beat our customer service. Read thru the testimonials below from our satisfied customers or call for yourself. We are the clutch experts and we're here to help you make the best decision for your bike.

One of the biggest questions asked is what does it do and do I have to shift. The auto clutch engages your manual clutch when your engine rpms increase and then releases back at idle. You still have engine braking down to idle and when taking off when done normally, it even sounds like you are letting out the clutch. You can still use the manual clutch lever but with zero pull at idle and 1 finger pull up to about half the engine rpm. You have more holding power with the EFM auto clutch than any other type on the market. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th gear burnouts can be done with ease. You still have to shift, you can use the manual clutch to shift, or just relax the throttle to up shift, and blip to down shift.


There is no worry about stalling in traffic or holding in the clutch lever while sitting for a traffic light. This is a must for jockey shift bikes. If you are an experienced rider than take advantage of the way you can accelerate from a green light. If you are a new rider, you will ride with the confidence of just being able to twist the throttle and go, even if you're on a hill, or just turning around in a tight area. The harder you twist the throttle, the harder the clutch will lock up. Great for trikes and disabled riders.

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Phone: 330-947-1700 | Fax: 330-947-1708 | garry@efmautoclutch.com

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